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Useful Links to VET websites

Department of Education

The Department of Education and Training works to help shape the future economy, through skills, learning, discovery and innovation.

Visit the Department of Education

Logo for Department of Education

Australian Apprenticeships

The Australian Apprenticeships site provides general information about Australian Apprenticeships as well information specific to different user groups such as employers, job seekers, school leavers and careers advisers.

Visit the Australian Apprenticeships

Logo for Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency

The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency is an independent statutory body, providing advice to the Commonwealth on Australia’s current, emerging and future workforce skills needs.

Visit the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency

Logo for Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency

Industry Skills Councils and Auto Skills Australia

Industry Skills Councils and Auto Skills Australia have the two key roles of:

  1. providing accurate industry intelligence to the Vocational Education and Training sector about current and future skill needs and training requirements, including through industry skills reports, and
  2. supporting the development, implementation and continuous improvement of quality nationally recognised training products and services, including Training Packages.

Visit the Industry Skills Councils or Auto Skills Australia.

Logo for Industry Skills CouncilsLogo for Automotive Skills

Construction & Property Services ISC

The CPSISC represents the workforce training and development needs of an extremely large and vitally important sector of the Australian economy – the Construction and Property Services Industries.  So if you – or your business – designs, builds, maintains, manages or protects Australian property we are your skills development agency.  The CPSISC brings together Construction Training Australia and Property Services Training Australia the former national Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs), achieving great synergies from the union.

Visit the Construction & Property Services ISC

Logo for Construction & Property Services ISC

E-Oz Energy Skills Australia

ElectroComms and Energy Utilities Industry Skills Council Ltd trading as E-Oz Energy Skills Australia is the Australian Government declared Industry Skills Council for the ElectroComms and EnergyUtilities industries (including the Electrotechnology, Gas, Electricity Supply Industry – Transmission, Distribution and Rail and the Electricity Supply Industry – Generation) Training Packages.

Visit the ElectroComms and EnergyUtilities

Logo for ElectroComms and EnergyUtilities

Manufacturing Skills ISC

Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA) is the national body responsible for ensuring that manufacturing enterprises and workers have the workforce skills they need to be globally competitive now and into the future. We work with enterprises, employer groups, industry associations and trade unions to identify what skills are needed and how these can most effectively be implemented in industry. MSA addresses the skill needs of over 250,000 manufacturing and related enterprises and around 1 million Australians employed using manufacturing skills. They work across most manufacturing sectors including: aerospace, furnishing, laboratory operations, metal, engineering and boating, process manufacturing including chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral products, plastics and rubber, recreational vehicles and textiles, clothing and footwear.

Visit the Manufacturing Skills ISC

Logo for Manufacturing Skills ISC

ASQA – Australian Skills Quality Authority

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector.

ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

ASQA’s vision is that students, employers and governments have full confidence in the quality of vocational education and training outcomes delivered by Australian registered training organisations.

Visit the ASQA – Australian Skills Quality Authority

Logo for ASQA - Australian Skills Quality Authority

VIC – Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority

This site provides information on education and training providers registered in Victoria by the VRQA. It includes information about how to become a registered training organisation and related resources and publications. The website also includes an online search function where information can be accessed about the providers registered by the VRQA and the accredited courses they deliver.

Visit the VIC – Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority 

Logo for VIC - Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority

WA – Training Accreditation Council

This site provides information on Vocational Education and Training within Western Australia. It includes information on courses, training provision, publications, careers and New Apprenticeships.

Visit the WA – Training Accreditation Council

Logo for WA - Training Accreditation Council

ACT – The Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training delivers high quality education services through government schools; registers non government schools; and administers vocational education and training in the ACT.

Visit the ACT – The Department of Education and Training

Logo for ACT - The Department of Education and Training

NSW – Department of Education and Communities

This site provides information on Vocational Education and Training in New South Wales. It includes information on TAFE, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Visit the NSW – Department of Education and Communities

Logo for NSW - Department of Education and Communities

NT – Department of Business

The Department of Business aims to:

  1. build industry capabilities through support and solutions for Northern Territory businesses
  2. support small and medium enterprises, industry and individuals to benefit from the opportunities presented as a result of major projects
  3. develop, attract and retain a skilled Northern Territory workforce
  4. provide for flexible training that meets the needs of business, industry and individuals

Employment and Training NT within the Department of Business is the State Training Authority for the Northern Territory, and administers the vocational education and training system in the Northern Territory, including the administration of apprenticeships and traineeships and allocation of funding for training delivery.

Visit the NT – Department of Business

Logo for NT - Department of Business

QLD – Department of Education and Training

This site provides information on Vocational Education and Training in Queensland. It includes information on public and private training organisations, including agricultural colleges and institutes of TAFE.

Visit the QLD – Department of Education and Training

Logo for QLD - Department of Education and Training

SA – Department of State Development

The SA Department of State Development is driving research, education, and skills initiatives to create jobs and build the skilled workforce South Australia needs to support industry.

The Department’s skills, training and career website provides information about Skills for All, which aims to increase skill levels, get more people into jobs and increase career opportunities by offering training for existing workers and those trying to enter into the workforce.

Visit the South Australian Department of State Development

Visit the Skills for All

TAS – Skills Tasmania

Skills Tasmania is Tasmania’s State Training Authority, developing strategies and providing support, advice, opportunities and funding to deliver quality training to meet the needs of Tasmanians and our industries.

Visit the TAS – Skills Tasmania

Logo for TAS - Skills Tasmania

WorldSkills Australia

WorldSkills Australia is an independent, non profit organisation that conducts trade and skill competitions to challenge young people to achieve work skill excellence.  Through strong networks with the Commonwealth and State Governments, industry and the community, we have been able to achieve incredible outcomes by directly encouraging over 45,000 young people to achieve excellence in a trade or skill career.

Visit the WorldSkills Australia

Logo for WorldSkills Australia

My Skills

My Skills is a website that provides potential and current students, job seekers, and employers with information about vocational education and training options, and to help them find the training provider that best meets their needs. My Skills forms part of the Australian Government’s commitment to a client-centred and transparent education system.

Visit the My Skills

Logo for My Skills

Education Services Australia

Education Services Australia is a not-for-profit, ministerial company established to provide services to the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA) and other education and training bodies, as outlined in the company objects.

Visit the Education Services Australia

Logo for Education Services Australia

Australian Qualifications Framework Council

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) provides a comprehensive, nationally consistent yet flexible Framework for all qualifications in post-compulsory education and training.  The Framework was introduced Australia-wide on 1 January 1995 and is being phased in over five years, with full implementation by the year 2000.

Visit the Australian Qualifications Framework Council

Logo for Australian Qualifications Framework Council

National VET E-learning Strategy

The National VET E-learning Strategy is a three-year program of action with a series of ongoing business activities reflecting its strategic objectives.   The Strategy will play a key role in enabling the Australian training sector to take advantage of the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) to make major advances in the achievement of government training objectives.  Coordinated action to develop sector-wide capability in using the new technological environment will at the same time, stimulate innovative approaches to increasing participation in training and work and improving the skills levels of the Australian workforce.

Visit the National VET E-learning Strategy

Logo for Australian Flexible Learning Framework