MSAPMPER200C Work in accordance with an issued permitThis unit applies to persons who are required to conduct work activities under the authority of an issued permit to work and within the context and requirements of that permit. This typically applies to all work done by maintenance staff and contractors and also to any other non-process work performed on the plant.

The people to whom this unit applies may be called ‘permit recipients’ or ‘permit holders’ by some organisations. Some organisations call ‘permits’ ‘clearances’.

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Course Overview

Course Duration

  • 6 hr face to face

Course Content

Work in accordance with an issued permit (MSAPER200C) Course Details

  • identifying the range and scope of work covered by the permit
  • checking that the right type of permit has been issued for the type of work
  • adequately preparing to undertake the work, including obtaining all necessary safety equipment and PPE
  • undertaking the work strictly in accordance with the provisions of the permit
  • maintaining correct housekeeping with permit activities
  • completing work in accordance with the permit requirements
  • querying or raising matters about the permit if the scope of work/nature of the tools to be used varies from that covered by the permit
  • handing back the permit in accordance with procedures and obtaining appropriate sign off as required

Who is this course for

This Unit is recommended for participants who are required to conduct work activities under an issued permit to work.


Whilst there are no formal entry requirements, it is recommended that participants have sound literacy and numeracy skills.


The qualification does not have an expiry date however, refresher training may be required as per industry standards or individual employer requirements.


This unit of competence will be assessed. The assessment will be based on the principles of CBT (competency-based training). A successful outcome for this certificate will be determined by a range of different methods including written submission of work, observation of simulated and practical activities, structured questioning or discussions.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for;

  • MSAPMPER200C Work in Accordance with an Issued Permit.

Training and Assessment delivered under the auspices and in partnership arrangement on behalf of Health Security & Education Pty Ltd  RTO 40907

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