How can work, health and safety boost your organisation’s productivity

How work, health and safety can boost your organisation's productivityDo you know who the main beneficiary of work, health and safety programs is?

No, it’s not the company providing qualifications in the field, it’s you!

Work, health and safety is not just another legal requirement you need to comply with, but a valuable addition to your business development strategy. There is a direct link between work, health and safety and productivity.

In order to understand how work, health and safety can improve productivity levels, you need to find out what initiatives businesses just like yours implement:
• Health screening programs
• Health-related events dedicated to employees
• Company-sponsored sports teams
• Gym membership discounts or free fitness services
• Immunisation and flu shots
• Weight loss counselling
• On-site wellness personnel
• Health promotion strategic plans
• Incentive-based programs that encourage the maintenance of positive habit changes (like smoking cessation)
• Tracking presence of employees diagnosed with chronic health conditions like diabetes or arthritis

Implementing this type of measures in your company will lead to positive outcomes such as higher employee satisfaction, fewer injuries, reduced absenteeism, improved employee health, fewer employees taking breaks to smoke, and improved behaviour around the factors that lead to chronic diseases.

It’s simple: healthier and happier employees who feel appreciated and taken care of definitely contribute to increased productivity and profitability!

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