Face to face courses versus distance education – which one is best for you?

Face to face courses versus distance education - which one is best for you?Internet has changed many aspects of everyday life, making it possible to complete a wide range of activities from a distance. You don’t necessarily have to meet your friends in person to socialise, you can shop from your computer while taking a break from work, and you can acquire new knowledge over the Internet.
If you are pondering between face-to-face and distance education, here are some facts that should help you make a decision:

  • Face-to-face learning provides more opportunities of meeting new people, making friends and networking;
  • Studying online doesn’t mean you will be isolated – you can interact with tutors and students through conferencing apps and become part of an online community;
  • Introverted students find it easier to participate when attending a course online. Nevertheless, debate and student conversation take place more naturally in classroom environments;
  • Distance learning is usually cheaper and it also helps you save time and money because you don’t need to reach a physical location; you can study from any place as long as you have an Internet connection;
  • Distance education is still considered by many an alternative to regular classes, in spite of the many flaws that face-to-face education systems have.

Making a choice depends on your availability, personal preferences, and budget. Both options are provided at Oz Health Safety and Training!

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