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Complete the form below to enrol into any of our courses. Email your completed form to

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If you currently don't have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number, you will need to obtain one (Required for Certificate Issue)
Do you have any disabilities that may impact on your learning outcomes?
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e.g. Year 8, 9, 10 etc
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HEALTH — By signing this enrolment form I acknowledge that the Health Security Education course may involve practical work within conditions that may be stressful. I do not suffer from any of the above disorders or conditions that may inhibit my participation during the conduct of this course. I further acknowledge that in admitting me to the course, Health Security Education does not assess my physical or mental condition or preparedness for the course but relies on my statement above.

MEDIA – I authorise Health Security Education or the authorised co-provider to take my picture while training and in turn to use the picture in their media campaign. (⬜Tick if you don’t authorise) USI – By signing this enrolment form I authorise Health Security Education to create if required, a USI on my Behalf. I also authorise Health Security Education to conduct a search on my USI should I have provided incorrect USI information or cannot recall my USI as issued.

RELEASE OF INFORMATION — I hereby give my permission to Health Security Education to release information about my training to the above employer for purposes. I understand that Health Security Education will email a copy of my Statement of Attainment/Certificate to the above company if requested.

PRIVACY NOTICE — I understand that under data provision requirements, Health Security Education is required to collect personal information about myself and my situation and disclose that information to the National Centre for Vocational Educational Research (NCVER).

STUDENT DECLARATION — By signing this enrolment form I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in the Student Handbook.