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Do You Qualify For Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL)?

January 15, 2016 Peter Comments Off

Today’s job market favours abilities and experience more than academic training; this is great news considering how many workers in the past wished their qualifications had been recognised even if they didn’t have the papers needed to prove them.

Australian workers enjoy an amazing career development opportunity – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Would you like to know if you qualify for RPL?

You can consider this type of assessment if the following statements describe your status:

  • You have overseas qualifications in a certain field of study
  • You have worked part-time or full-time in the industry where you need your qualifications recognised
  • You have samples of your previous work, such as photos, articles, or reports to support your claim
  • You have references from past employers regarding your work activity
  • Your managers or employers can confirm your abilities
  • You have achieved knowledge and skills outside formal training systems
  • You have partially completed studies and matching work experience
  • You can demonstrate your skills to someone else
  • You have life skills relevant to the course

Formalising the skills you already have through RPL prevents you from wasting time and money on duplicate learning!

Why work twice if you already are on the right track?